Sunday, 14 December 2014

Burbage Valley

Towards the end of November Richard and I went to Burbage Valley, it is a place we love to go.  There is a lovely little wood with a stream running through and gives shelter to all the animals - well it did! Our local council own the land and they have decided to rip out the trees from the roots.  They are calling it conservation!  The conifer trees were planted in the 1970's and they say because it wasn't managed a few of the trees have fallen down and are a fire hazard - well remove the fall trees not the whole bloody lot!  They are going to replace the conifer trees with Oak Trees which will take years to grow so in the meantime the animals that had homes and shelter now have no place to go.

Sorry for getting on my soap box but I think Man has damaged nature enough, without nature there would be no man - when will people get this!!

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