Friday, 7 November 2014

Last two flying Lancaster's

On Sunday 21st September the last two flying Lancaster's were going to fly over Ladybower Reservoir, it would be the last time that these fantastic planes would fly together over Britain.  We could not pass up this historic event, we set off after dinner and we had no idea if we would get parked as the traffic was a nightmare, but someone was watching over us and we did get a place to park on the main road.

We found a spot to wait for the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancasters to do their flyby and what a flyby it was.

Here are some of the pictures Richard took.

Donna Nook

Sorry haven't been on for a while, time seems to have slipped by.  We have had a couple of days out so here are some photos.

Wednesday we went to Donna Nook which is normally a training area for the airforce but for a few weeks of the year about this time it is the breeding ground for seals.  There wasn't too many new borns but I don't think it will be long before there are lots more.