Monday, 27 January 2014

Yum Yum well it was my birthday

We went to a patisserie for cake and coffee, we didn't know what to choose as they all looked delicious.  So we chose two and shared them :)   Well it was my birthday but I couldn't manage them both so I brought the carrot cake home.


After we had lunch in Tamworth we drove to Lichfield with it's beautiful cathedral, it is the only medievil cathedral with three spires.

Lichfield has other things to visit but we didn't have enough time, so we will be going back for another visit.

Tamworth Castle

It was my birthday last week, so Richard took me out for the day.  We had really nice weather and although we didn't get to do what he had planned it didn't spoil things for us.

This is Tamworth Castle, unfortunately during the winter months it is only open at the weekends unless it is a school holiday.  The weather was beautiful so the castle being closed didn't spoil the day.  I have never been to Tamworth before so we had a walk around the town, which was very nice and it has a nice shopping area.

Tamworth is a Norman castle, located next to the River Tame, in the town of Tamworth in Staffordshire, England.
Overlooking the River Tame, the site has been fortified since Anglo-Saxon times, when Ethelfleda, the Mercian Queen, built a fortified place to defend against Danes: it served as a residence of the Mercian kings. Rebuilt and enlarged by the Normans, it is today one of the best preserved Norman motte-and-bailey castles in England.