Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Anne Frank's House

Tuesday 26 May, we had to be up at 06.00 this morning as we were leaving the hotel at 08.00 our tour guide was hoping to get to Anne Frank's house for 09.00 - we were a little late but it wouldn't have made any difference there was already a huge queue when we got there.  We ended up waiting around 2 1/2 hours to get in but it was worth the wait.  We were not allowed take pictures inside so I cannot show you what it was like, it must have been very depressing being cooped up without any daylight for over 2 years.

Anne Frank statue

Anne Frank and Oscar Schindler Tour

On Monday 25 May Richard and I started our Ledger Tour, we were picked up at 05.35 by coach and headed off to Dover for our Ferry.  We boarded the ferry around 14.30 and got off in Calais an hour and half later.

It was quite a drive to our hotel in Amsterdam arriving about 23.30: we more or less went straight to bed as we had an early start on the Tuesday morning.