Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bolsover Castle

Richard and I went to Bolsover Castle today, we haven't been for a few years.  It was a lovely day overcast but warm, it was great to see what they had done to the place.

The best part for me is the beautiful and magnificant Copper Beech Tree which is older than the castle.

We finally joined English Heritage so looking forward to visiting loads of different places and sharing them with you.

Yes I know I look a right Geek

Practising for when I ride a real horse

Babysitting Jensen

 Last week we looked after our Grandson Jensen for the day.  We took him to the kids playground in Bakewell, which he loved.

We fed the ducks again but we didn't get any pictures of him doing that.

Waiting for my chicken dippers

Hurry up and take the picture Grandad, my lolly is melting


Waiting for his tea

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dove Stones Reservoir

Wednesday we had a family day out with Amanda and Steven, Hanna was at school having extra tuition for her upcoming exams.

The weather was fabulous and so was Dove Stones Reservoir near Manchester, none of us had been before but we would definately go again.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ulley Reservoir

We had not been to Ulley for quite a while, so as 11 April  was a gorgeous day we took a loaf of bread and some bird seed and went for a walk.  There was not much wildlife around although we did see two buzzards flying over.  Nevertheless we did take some lovely photos to share with you.

Ladybower Reservoir - March

We went to Ladybower again in March - what a change, it was a beautiful sunny day and you could tell nature was waking up from her winter sleep.  We walked along the same stretch of water where we had seen the Kestrel in January but we didn't see it, but we did take these beautiful pictures.  I love this place!

Ladybower Reservoir - January

These pictures were taken with Richard's phone camera in January at Lady Bower Reservoir.  Although it was overcast it was still a lovely day.  On the way towards the main road, we saw a kestrel flying along the water, it landed very close to the road and we were able to stop but because we didn't have the camera with us all I took was a picture of the heather   and water - I was gutted!