Friday, 30 August 2013

Mother Shipton's Cave

 We all went to Mother Shipton's Cave in October 2011 - how time fly's.  The kids loved it and we all made a wish in the well.

If you have never been it is well worth a visit.

Curbar Edge

 Curbar Edge is in the Peak District and on a clear day you can see for miles.

Bosworth Battlefield Centre

 I think birds of prey are beautiful majestic creatures and whilst we have been lucky enough to see many flying free and even more in cages this was a special day for me to be so close to these two.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ulley Reservoir

Here are a couple more photographs of Ulley Reservoir

 Ulley Reservoir is a place we go to quite often as it is only a short distance away.  Many people go walking around it, usually to walk their dogs and I always manage to step in the poo they leave behind.

I will look out some more pictures of Ulley at different times during the year.
 We usually try to take some food up for the wildlife, otherwise I feel guilty.  These tables were bare so I climbed over the fence to put out some bird seed.
View from the bridge at Ulley.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ladybower Reservoir

I have to say this is one of my favourite places to visit.  This was taken during the winter and the noise that came from the water coming over the wall was incredible.

Nature at her best

Who needs fireworks when you can have a display from nature.  Watching this made me cry it is so amazing, I am not sure how long this link will be available so take a look whilst you can.

Please be patient

I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather, even though I have this silly pot on my foot it doesn't stop me enjoying what nature has to offer.  We went for a drive on Monday, had lunch out and then went to RAF Scampton, Richard was hoping to see a few planes flying but he was out of luck.  We visited a commonwealth war grave cemetery, to pay our respects.

As we are not able to do much walking at the moment, I am getting together some photographs of places we have been to in the past, so please be patient as we do have a lot of photos.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Feeling Sorry

 We had Jensen again on Tuesday for the day and I was feeling pretty miserable due to the pot on my foot.

Jensen had a good time though


 This was Amanda's prom day, she looked absolutely stunning.  Today she received her exam results and she did herself proud. Her list of achievements are:-
  • A in English
  • A* in English Literature
  • C in Maths
  • A in Science
  • A in additional Science
  • A in ICT
  • B in Adult Numeracy and Literacy
  • A in Childcare
  • C in Spanish
  • B in History
  • B in RE
  • Pass in Child Care Level 2

 The Proud Father (my man)

All Grown Up

Hanna, Steven and Amanda - how they have grown up.

The Eldest Son

 This is Richard's eldest son Andrew with his fiancee, Gemma at the christening of their son Jaden
Jaden who is one in September is a lovely little man, who is always smiling.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Eldest Daughter

This is Jensen with his Mum and Dad, Steve and Leanne.

Leanne is Richard's eldest daughter.

My Family

Richard and I have only been together for 4 years and he came with a ready made family.  I have to say that the time I have been with Richard have been the best years of my life.  I have done and seen more during this time than I have even done. 

This photo was taken at Edinburgh Castle and it was our first family holiday and my first time in Scotland.  What a fantastic place, I fell in love with Scotland and in particular Eyemouth where we stayed in a caravan on the cliff tops.

Day out with Jensen

This is Jensen, my grandson, it was taken in Bakewell.  My partner (Richard) and I were looking after him overnight whilst his Mum and Dad went to a wedding.  It was our first time of looking after him.

This is him feeding the ducks and he ran rings around me, he would grab some seed out of the bag and then go charging up to the waters edge to drop it.

Getting Started

I have been meaning to start a blogg for ages but I have never seemed to have enough time.  Why do I have the time now? Last Sunday I fractured a bone in my foot and have to have my foot in plaster for 3 weeks! so as I am not allowed to put any weight on my foot I have plenty of time on my hands.