Sunday, 29 June 2014

Scarborough Castle and the Armed Forces Day

Richard had a great idea of going to Scarborough Castle (English Heritage) and from there we would be able to see the fly past from the Armed Forces Day.  It was brilliant - I saw my favourite plane - The Lancaster - flying which brought a tear to my eyes.  There was also a display from the Vulcan that was fantastic the sound from it was amazing.

The castle itself was very interesting it has a 2,500 year history, with fantastic views over the coastline. It began as an Iron Age Fort, was occupied by the Romans, became a Viking settlement and reached its heyday under Henry II.  The castle was involved in the English Civil War and came under attack during the First World War. 

You can read more about Scarborough Castle and its history onWikipedia.  Here are some of the photos that Richard took yesterday.

Tower destroyed during the English Civil War

The Dragon Cloud

Part of a Roman Signal Tower which was turned into a chapel

Scarborough Harbour

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